AMOS presented the latest heavy load resistance model of the Novoflor Extra series. This floor covering is specially designed for application in schools, nurseries, other teaching environments, etc.

The flooring consists of three levels: the top transparent layer is made of pure PVC and accounts for the wear resistance of the floor covering, the middle one is a coloured layer which contributes to the aesthetic diversity of the different models, and the bottom one is the bearing layer which serves as a connection with the surface on which the system is installed.

The new manufacturing method designed for this floor covering gives it better wear and scratch resistance. The special matt finish will make any damages and stains less visible, while facilitating the cleaning and maintenance procedures. It is these properties that make the AMOS flooring so suitable for use in classrooms where furniture is always moved around and the requirements for wear resistance of the flooring are really demanding.

AMOS is also the right choice if you want to combine the excellent practical and aesthetic properties of PVC flooring.
The tapes are glued to the base with dispersion adhesives and welded with a connecting cord. The floor coverings are complete with ledges and borders.

The colour spectre offers classic designs of various colours and imitations of wood floors.